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Marine Salvage Operations / Capitol Offshore Pte. Ltd., Singapore

India: Salvage at Krishna-Godavari Basin (KG Basin)


The vessel sank during dredging operations in KG Basin. The tugboat was assisting the Cutter Suction Dredger. The vessel sank with approx. 58,000 liters of Diesel Oil & 200 litres of Lubricating Oil. It was a big environmental hazard and media was keeping a close watch due to the discovery of big gas reserve in KG Basin. The fair weather window was 3 months.

ISU Contract: Code Name 'Wreckstage 99'

The owners contracted SEALORD Salvage on basis of 'Wreckstage 99' format on 30th December, 2008. The conditions were to remove the hydrocarbons before removing wreck.

Our Work

The salvage team was mobilized on site. The work was delayed due to documentation formalities with the statutory authorities. It was high alert zone with security & environmental safety due to Offshore Gas Fields of National interest. The hydrocarbons (MDO, Oil, Lubricants, etc.) were safely removed as per the International guidelines from the sunken vessel. The vessel was underwater cut into 6 pieces and recovered onboard salvage work-barge.


The wreck was cleared on 02nd March, 2009 with last underwater inspection of seabed. The statutory authorities approved & cleared the wreck's scrap on 17th March, 2009. The scrap was sold to one local scrap merchant. The site was cleared and restored.

Facts & figures

Salvage / Wreck removal

Wreck removal tugboat "ASL PRONTO"
06 - 08 Meter
M/s. Capitol Offshore Pte. Ltd., Singapore
Shipowners Mutual P&I Association, Luxembourg
State, Country
Mouth of Krishna-Godavari Basin, off Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India
17th January - 02nd March, 2009