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India: Salvage at Jafrabad


The barge (self-propelled) loaded with clinkers was coming out from the loading jetty when she stuck into strong currents. The master and crew tried their best to maneuver the vessel away from shallow draft. Anchors were dropped but the current was very strong and vessel started drifting. The vessel ultimately ran aground.

The salvor was contacted to visit the site and make a report. During the survey it was reported that the high waves are breaking on the vessel. The bad weather and rough sea were making the conditions worst for vessel. There was a constant risk of losing a vessel.

SEALORD Salvage was contracted on 04th August, 2009 for safely refloating the barge.

Our Work

The salvage team of 10 men was mobilized on site. The vessel was full of 2600 MT of cargo (clinkers) and ran aground in the draft of - 1 meter (-ve draft). The cargo holds were opened to find the condition and it was found that the water has entered into the cargo holds. It was confirmed by the supervisor that the re-floating is not possible without jettisoning the cargo. Special permissions were granted by Gujarat Maritime Board to jettison the cargo.

It was not possible to reach stranded vessel from sea or land. Special approach road was constructed to mobilize the machinery, equipment & manpower on the vessel. The 120 labours were employed to work in shifts during low tides for jettisoning. Simultaneously, ground tackles were prepared and 02 anchors (05 MT each) were dropped to hold the vessel from further shifting during lightering operations. The tugboat with 53 MT of bollard pull arrived on site.


The vessel was re-floated in one tide on 18th September, 2009 and towed to the jetty. An underwater survey was carried out and vessel delivered to the client on 27th September, 2009.

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Salvage / Re-floating

Re-floating sunken barge
M/s. Safe & Sure Marine Services Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
State, Country
Jafrabad Jetty, Bhavnagar, Gujarat,
18th August - 18th September, 2009