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Marine Salvage Operations / Essar Logistics Ltd., India

India: Salvage at outer anchorage of Hazira Port


The barge was at outer anchorage with consignment and waiting for the high tide to enter the channel. During the onset of high tide, the crew tried to lift the anchor but faced some problem. With rising tide, sea got rough and water started entering into cargo holds. The crew tried their best to save the vessel but could not succeed and abandoned. The vessel rested on the sea bed with 18 - 20 meter depth.

SEALORD Salvage was contracted on 20th October, 2008 for safely refloating the barge.

Our Work

The cargo holds were marked for survey engineer to direct the crane grab operator to precisely place the grab and recover cargo without damaging the underwater sunken vessel. Two anchors were dropped to secure the vessel so that, the vessel shall not move during lightering operation.

All the openings of buoyancy compartments were sealed and hatch covers with special fittings were fabricated to replace present covers. The divers fixed the covers and initial test were carried out to approve the functioning. The salvage was delayed due to the time barrier. The salvage team use to get 01hr - 01hr. 30 min. to work underwater during low tide & high tide due to rough sea and strong currents in the channel. Air connections were made and buoyancy was pumped.


The barge surfaced in listed condition. The list was corrected within next 5 hrs. and the vessel was floating in a complete stable condition. The salvaged vessel along with work-barge was towed to the Essar Jetty with 2 tugboats (1 no. pusher & 1 towing). The vessel was delivered to the client in safe floating condition on 26th November, 2008.

Facts & figures

Salvage / Re-floating
Re-floating sunken barge
18 - 20 Meter
M/s. Essar Logistics Ltd., Mumbai
State, Country
Outer anchorage of Hazira Port, Surat,
24th October - 26th November, 2008