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Core Management

Mr. Ram Swaroop Khambra
Managing Director

Ram Swaroop Khambra started his career with early recruitment in Indian Navy as Mechanical Engineer. He completed his Marine Engineering Specialization Course (MESC) from Indian Naval Ship (INS) Shivaji. He developed an interest and took intensive training in Underwater Diving during his association with Indian Navy. He took an early retirement from the Indian Navy in mid 70's and sailed out to explore opportunities in the field of Underwater Diving. He was confident to meet his ambitions of entrepreneurship. It is confirmed today.

With intentions of acquiring techno commercial field experience, he worked with many International and Domestic Marine & Commercial Diving companies and has held various positions with increasing responsibility, serving as a Project Manager, Marine Engineer, Diving Supervisor, Diving Superintendent, Salvage Master.

Ram Swaroop Khambra developed his own skills and sharpened them with challenging marine & underwater projects. He brings a wealth of knowledge with a diverse background in both the maritime and salvage business. After many successful projects to his credit and with 95% success rate, he exhibited his wisdom by floating a commercial diving company to meet his personal aspiration to give his best in this commercial diving sector with his long and vast quality of experience.

Mr. Narendar K. Khambra

Narendar K. Khambra was named Director of Sealord in 2007, responsible for the company's diving activities and profit and loss (P&L) management.

Narendar started his career with accounts & finance degree. After completing his C.A. Inter in early 90's, he developed an interest in Commercial Diving Industry and started following into his father's footsteps. His first appointment for an International Oil Exploration company was as a Diving Supervisor. Narendar spent extensive amount of time working in Middle East mostly as Diving Supervisor & Inspector Diver while focusing on company's financial project matters as a whole.

Narendar, loaded with finance & commercial diving experience of association with Marine & Commercial Diving companies, he has developed sharp diving skills and easy adaptability to diverse diving surrounding.

Company's Management Structure

Company's Management Structure