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Marine Salvage Operations / Mumbai Port Trust

India: Salvage in the main channel to Mumbai Port


The boat was towing the barge. All the hatch covers of the barge were opened for maintenance & repair. Due to rough sea conditions, water started entering in the compartments and within no time the cargo holds of the barge were all flooded. Barge started listing and before the crew could cut the towing ropes; the barge pulled the boat along with her and sank. To avoid the disturbance to the harbour traffic, the Deputy Conservator immediately issued work order to the Salvor.

SEALORD Salvage was contracted on 02nd April, 2002 for safely refloating the barge.

Our Work

The Salvage team arrived on site on 04th April, 2002. All openings were sealed and buoyancy tanks were attached for additional buoyancy to both the vessels. Air Compressors were used to pump-in air in additional buoyancy tanks with submersible pumps used to de-water vessel's compartments.


The vessels were re-floated and underwent underwater survey. The re-floated vessels were delivered to the client on 08th April, 2002.

Facts & figures

Salvage / Re-floating
Re-floating sunken boat "HIDAYAT" and barge "NOOR"
15 - 16 Meter
Mumbai Port Trust, Mumbai
State, Country
Cross Island, Mumbai Harbour, Mumbai,
03rd April - 08th April, 2002