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India: Salvage off Ratnagiri


The tugboat was pulling a barge with consignment but ran into bad weather window with choppy sea conditions in the west coast of India. The towing ropes snapped and the barge got into surf before hitting the rocks and broke into 2 halve. On the other hand, the tugboat could not resist the force of nature and drifted along with 4 - 5 meter swells and ran aground.

ISU Contract

The owners contracted SEALORD Salvage on basis of International Salvage Union's salvage contract form on 26th September, 2006 for safely refloating the tugboat. Immediately the salvage team with 2 tugboats was mobilized on site to make initial preparation before next springtide on charts.

Our Work

The vessel ran aground and was covered with sand from all sides upto 04 - 05 feet. Excavation started to free the sand around the vessel but with every high tide the sand use to fill back in the excavated area. The salvage team used geo-textile bags to make a wall around the vessel. The plan worked out well with excavation resumed. All towing connections were made and lines secured on the winch of pulling tugboats. The pulling tugboats were at a distance of 900 meter from the stranded vessel due to shallow draft. Salvage team waited for the springtide on next day. The pulling operation started during maximum high tide and the vessel started moving. The Salvage Master asked the Vessel Master to turn the engines on. This worked and the vessel moved out with her own power.


The vessel was safely re-floated and anchored. The site was restored and vessel was moved to the nearest jetty for final underwater class survey. The vessel was delivered to the client in safe floating condition on 07th October, 2006.

Facts & figures

Salvage / Re-floating
Re-floating grounded tugboat
MLC Marine Pte. Ltd., Singapore
State, Country
Coast line of Ambulgarh, Ratnagiri,
01st October - 07th October, 2006