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India: Salvage off Nagapattinam


The client informed about the wreck removal operational without initial reports about the casualty. The vessel sank in the hostile conditions with nearest help at a distance of approx. 128 NM. It was the border line of India and Sri Lanka with constant threat from LTTE group (anti-social group) very active in that region.

ISU Contract: Code Name 'Wreckfixed 99'

The owners contracted SEALORD Salvage on basis of 'Wreckfixed' format on 03rd February, 2007. The conditions were to remove the hydrocarbons before removing wreck.

Our Work

The salvage team was mobilized on site. The work was delayed due to documentation formalities with the statutory authorities. The hydrocarbons (MDO, Oil, Lubricants, etc.) were safely removed as per the International guidelines from the sunken vessel. The wheel house, bridge and funnels were recovered onboard salvage barge after underwater cutting. The vessel was toppled (upside down) and buoyancy was pumped in the hull. The vessel started floating and was towed & dropped to a point where it is no more a navigational hazard.


The wreck was cleared on 24th April, 2007 with all statutory permission and to the satisfaction of client and all other relevant govt. & local authorities (pollution control board, customs, port, etc.).

Facts & figures

Salvage / Wreck removal

Wreck removal of tugboat "DCI TUG VI"
20 Meter
Dredging Corporation of India Ltd. (A Govt. of India Undertaking) Visakhapatnam
Shipowners Mutual P&I Association, Luxembourg
State, Country
Off Point Calimere, Nagapattinam,
Tamil Nadu,India
02nd March - 24th April, 2007