Services / Diving Services on Hydro Power Plants / Dams & De-silting

As the name suggests 'Hydro' underwater diving services are required on contract basis on Hydro power plants/ dams. Penstocks for hydroelectric installations are normally equipped with a gate system and a surge tank. Flow is regulated by turbine operation and is nil when turbines are not in service. Maintenance requirements may include u/w inspection, survey, repairs, manual cleaning & de-silting, desiccation, etc.

There is lots of risk involved in underwater diving on hydro power plants / dams. The divers are often required to inspect and repair outfalls which require at times up to 10 mtr. to 500 mtr. plus penetrations, which require a multitude of safety requirements.

De-silting using Jet-lift & Air-lift

The jet-lift uses the Venturi effect of a concentrated high-speed stream of water to pull the nearby water, together with bed material, into a pipe.

An airlift is a type of small suction dredge handheld underwater by a diver. It works by blowing air into the pipe, and that air, being lighter than water, rises inside the pipe, dragging water along sand, silt, mud, etc. with it.

Underwater Diving Services for Hydro Power
& Irrigation Projects

  • Repairs & cleaning of Gate grooves, Stop log gate, Penstock gate, etc. on Dam & Hydro Power plants.
  • Flood gate recovery and shutter assembling on Dam & Hydro Power Plants.

Diving Services on Hydro Power Plants

De-silting using Jet-lift & Air-lift

  • Underwater Still Photography & Video Photography (CCTV).
  • Underwater cutting and welding.
  • Underwater Construction, Maintenance & Repairs of hydro power plants, dams, railway bridges, etc.
  • De-silting of Intake Canal, Pump House, Intake Chamber, etc.
  • Underwater corrosion resistant Epoxy coating, Grouting, Reinforcing & Concreting.
  • Annual & Periodic survey, maintenance & repairs of Hydro Power Plants, Dams and Irrigation channels.
  • De-silting of water reservoir, pipelines, etc.