Sealord Diving & Salvage Pvt. Ltd
About Us / Mission, Vision & Corporate Objective


SEALORD DIVING & SALVAGE PVT. LTD. wishes to be recognized as a proactive, safety conscious, service oriented, customer focused and a well managed company believing in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the form of employee's welfare and care for the community in general.


The company continues to grow and broaden its horizons, never losing sight of the attributes which brought it to this high pedestal of progress. It is committed to continue to attain the level of excellence expected by its valuable customers.

Corporate Objective

Deeply Committed To Excellence

SEALORD DIVING & SALVAGE PVT. LTD. (SDSPL) is a leading commercial diving company in the industry, with excellent safety record and unprecedented commitment to quality and safety. SDSPL rises above the competition due to its strong focus on proper gear, insurance policies and training procedures. The company has experienced a steady growth in both the onshore and offshore customer base. The company offers a variety of services including salvage, inspection, maintenance, construction and repair to variety of structures including ships and pipelines. As a result of its proactive management style, excellent reputation and innovative technology, SDSPL has great aspirations and confidence for its future growth and performance.

Reliable Services

The company provides a variety of inspections, salvage solutions, repair and maintenance services for offshore and onshore customers primarily in India. SDSPL utilizes a highly trained, professional workforce to provide an efficient and economical solution to customers. The company strives to hold sales, professionalism and principles of safety at the highest possible levels to achieve its goals.